Saturday, December 27, 2008

Thank You, Jesus, for everything!!

"In everything give thanks." Sounds simple. Then why was I crying on my way up to the bus stop after I was simply made aware of something to give thanks for? My excuse was that it was too minor, too pathetic, or whatever to involve God in. How proud that sounds! Wow. My Father is aware of every sparrow that falls and knows the number of the hairs on my head. How could He not be concerned and want me to come to Him with everything in my life, especially the little things that seem unimportant?

Obviously they're not unimportant. Everything (even anxiety, obsessive eating, etc) that God has put in my life is important because God has put it there. It's that simple. God created everything in my life from my parents splitting up to the fact that caffeine makes me tense and anxious. That may seem like a big jump but in fact it isn't. The little detail are just as important as the big ones to God because He created them all. He put in place every little detail of our life long before we were born. He knows exactly what we need in every way all the time.

"God works everything together for good for those that love God and are called according to His purpose."

Anyway as I walked up the street crying I, finally, really, truly expressed faith in my heart. It wasn't just words. "I trust You. Thank You for ..." I really truly in my heart made the choice to thank Him for EVERYTHING, for that moment, and then the tears were no longer needed. Because I had reached up and grasped my Father's hand and looked into His eyes and said, "I trust you, Father, to take care of me and I thank You that You not only care for the heartaches but for the little hurts in my life."

Here's the rest of the first verse: "In EVERYTHING give thanks for this is the WILL of God in Christ Jesus concering you." If this is His will then I want to be there. Don't you?

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Inspiring Quote

One of my favorite books is Evidence Not Seen. It's about the wife of a missionary who was interned in a prison camp during World War II by the Japanese. Her courageous and righteous spirit inspires me to become more in love with God. Here is a quote from her book which is a statement of faith after she learned that her husband had died in another prison camp:

"Thank You so much for these beautiful people who are so very dear to me. Let my grief be mine alone. Anoint my countenance with the oil of joy, that none may ever feel embarrassed to laugh in my presence. May no joke or sharing of the ridiculous be stifled because I am there. Wrap me in the garment of praise, that I may not burden others with the heaviness of my grief."

I know that none of my experiences could begin to compare with what this courageous woman went through but it is convicting to me. My brain wiring is somewhat uncomfortable (by the gracious will of God) so I have a tendency to try and cop out of this attitude of love to others by that excuse. Her story is a testament to a mental and spiritual strength that only God can give. If I sincerely ask for this strength and love, then Jesus has promised to impart that precious gift to me. I hope that maybe others will ask Him for this invaluable quality as well. It not only strengthens your character but is a blessing to those around you.

Where have you gone, childhood?

Ever since I grew out of the child stage where I was creative and less self critical, I have not considered myself an artistic or creative person. I'm pretty much a follower, not always passive but feel reliant on others for approval and validation. So I haven't really written very much since my last college writing class about 3 years ago. This is my first real attempt since then to express myself and perhaps gain self confidence as I make an effort to get out of my shell and try to recapture (at least a little bit of) the creativeness of my childhood self. I have a lot to share that I hope will help and encourage those of you who read my blog. So bear with me as I stumble along this little journey.