Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Live in Love

I'm sure everyone can relate to this situation: you are having a challenging day and then someone pushes you a little bit over the edge. They might only just ask you to repeat yourself again and you just SNAP. Those people who cause that snap are usually my family members because I know home is a place where everyone loves me and knows me and will bear with me. And they do but that is not an excuse. I reminded myself of that yesterday.

"Serena, yes. You do feel like crying and snapping and being rude, but you know that as soon as you walk out that door to work you are going to be able to pull yourself together and smile. You need to do that at home too. Your family are the people who truly love you and they deserve to have you make that effort. Because they make it for you too."

That's not the only reason why we should smile and be kind to our family. Jesus has commanded us to love one another just as He loved us. He laid down His life for us! The very least we can do is to live in love everyday especially when it's hard.