Friday, March 2, 2012

To Write or Not to Write. . .That is the Question (Among Other Things)

So I have done this over and over and over again. What is that you may ask? Well, start expressing myself in written form and then giving up and thinking I'm no good at it or just plain not making an effort. But I do realize after going over some of my previous blog posts that I have some things to share that might touch someone's heart, turn them to Jesus or just make them smile. I think any of these reasons make it worth the effort of sitting at a computer and moving my fingers over buttons in order to put a few thoughts together for someone (or even no one) to read (and maybe even enjoy!).

I have been learning so much lately, physically and spiritually. Sometimes I get so caught up in myself (what to eat, what to wear, what people think of me) that I forgot to look at the big picture. Most importantly, to look up at my Father and not down at my weeny teeny little self. Jesus is where the joy is, not my pursuit of perfection (or lack thereof). Today (and yesterday) I was tempted to think about myself and what would make me happy.

For example, I have been given the opportunity by God to work part-time. This enables me to help out around the house since all the other members of my family work full-time and are exhausted by the end of the day and week. I was tempted in that moment, as I was picking up a chair to vacuum the carpet underneath it, to feel sorry for myself that I had to do so much cleaning. I mean, really?? Is that my worst problem? Then I shouldn't be moping! I should be thanking God!! I've been immensely blessed with a family who completely trusts God and carry their own crosses daily with joy. It is my awesome privilege to be able to shoulder my (light) burden along with them.

As a second example of my foolish little brain, I was thinking about how much I like working out by myself (when I was at the gym with my sisters and we were trying to figure out a routine). And blah, blah, blah. And I caught myself and thought, "Really? You don't want to be here with your sisters right now? How silly ARE you???" Sometimes the more we have, unfortunately, the more we take for granted. I don't EVER want to look back and think that I took my beautiful, priceless friendships with my sisters for granted. I love them dearly, more than myself! And most importantly, we ALL love Jesus and that's what makes our bond so special and irreplaceable. (Besides the fact that we're all still single and living in the same house :).

In a nutshell, joy is a choice. Contentment is a choice that we can decide to embrace in this moment . . .or not. Death to our self will and vertical trust looking up to Christ is our duty as Christians. It's up to us. Choose this day whom you will serve. As for me and my house, we WILL serve the LORD!!!