Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Giver of All Good Gifts

Too often I entertain thoughts, like: I have problems. I have anxiety. I have bipolar. I have a bad relationship with food.

But the truth is, I don't! If I call these realities problems them I am calling the God who created them a bad Father and worse. He is God. He always gives good gifts. When I question the goodness of the things in my life then I am saying my Father has given me a bad gift. I am in complete unreality when I say I have a problem and I can't control my emotions or my eating because those are the problems I have.

Great people, great souls are not those who don't have problems but those who triumph over them and through that triumph give their Father and Creator glory. This triumph is not possible on our own but is made available through our choice to thank God for these "problems".

Usually those who have difficulties are those who are the strongest. They may look and feel the weakest but through the struggle they build the strength and courage needed to triumph. Through the struggle our faith gets stronger and God gets glorified as we offer the struggle to Him. If I say that my life is too hard or I can't do it or I want someone else's life then I am calling God a liar. What I need to affirm is the truth, which is: everyone has struggles. It's just that all struggles look different. Some may appear "easier" but you can't escape reality. Life is never a fairy tale. However, my life as I live it in obedience to Christ is blessed beyond words no matter how it may appear to others or feel to me.

Fairy tales are about fantasies and dreams and unreality. Reality is God's truly wonderful amazing plan for our life. It may be filled with heartaches, disappointments, loved ones lost, and physical pain but in every loss, in all the pain there will always be Jesus' hand holding ours, His plan working everything together for good. This may seem like the only news account, the only forecast for our life now: this pain, difficulty, loss. But it's not. Our life is Jesus. He is wonderful and powerful and a Giver of all and only good gifts.

I choose to lift my eyes in joy and defiant gratitude to the One who "is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us." I have no idea what's in store tomorrow but I do know one thing for sure: My Father's plan will always be wonderfully perfect for me.