Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It's Been Too Long. . .

I thought I would start to write again, especially since I have an entire week off during Thanksgiving. I have been learning a lot, or rather, relearning many things.

1. Contentment: being single, having a temporary full-time job, not feeling intellectual enough
2. Defiant gratitude: choosing to give a "sacrifice of thankfulness" especially when I don't feel thankful
3. Choose happiness: by choosing to be thankful and contentment, we are choosing to be happy (not necessarily will we feel happy but we can BE happy. Just be.
4. Be okay with mistakes: everyone makes them - don't assume or presume to think you have to get everything right. That's just another opportunity for this puny, little, imperfect human to cling to the ultimate Perfection, Christ.
5. Road trips are amazing!: All of the above wrapped up made me appreciate so much (even with all the hang up, toll booths, misunderstandings, etc.) this extended period of time with my sisters. They are such beautiful, precious individuals that I am honored to not only be related to, but be friends with. Christ's love in all of our hearts, as well as, death to self, made this trip SO wonderful.

Well, five is a good number to end on for now. Here's to growing and learning more as I walk hand in hand with Jesus.

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